LimoNi. Avocats is a law firm established in 2011 by Laurent Limoni and Isabelle Nègre, two lawyers with a background at French and London corporate law firms.

LimoNi. Avocats advises and represents its French and international clients, whether CEOs, businesses, SMEs or listed companies, at all stages of the life of their business, from setting up their company to disputes between business partners, via issues with commercial leases and insolvency proceedings.

Our firm handles cases at all French civil, commercial and arbitration courts and aims to offer clients the same service and diligence as the biggest corporate law firms whilst maintaining a close relationship with them and a good understanding of their interests.


The team

Lawyers members of the team

laurent limoni

Laurent Limoni

Laurent works on business litigation (commercial law and corporate law):

- disputes between partners,
- post-acquisition disputes and guarantees against liabilities,
- disputes between business partners or competitors (debt collection, unfair competition practices).

In particular, Laurent advises businesses operating online (e-commerce, advertising agencies, media sales, payment solutions).

Laurent also works with struggling businesses undergoing insolvency proceedings to safeguard the defaulting party's business or represent the interests of creditors or prospective buyers.

Finally, Laurent assists his clients in the field of construction law (preventive summary procedure, advice, application of the ten-year guarantee).

Laurent has a post-graduate diploma in corporate law from Université Paris Dauphine, and worked for three years at the legal division of an insurance group, including two years in London, before joining a London law firm in Paris.

After eight years at the Paris Bar, Laurent was called to the Grasse Bar in 2011.

He speaks English fluently.

isabelle negre

Isabelle Nègre

Isabelle advises on commercial law, corporate law and contract law.

In the field of commercial law Isabelle advises her clients on:
- commercial leases, both for lessors and lessees (drafting, negotiation, renewal, setting the rent for the renewed lease, recovering rent),
- transfer of lease rights and transfer of business assets.

In the field of corporate law, Isabelle's work includes:
- drafting the articles of association of limited companies (SARL), joint stock companies (SAS) and property investment companies (SCI), drafting shareholder agreements,
- amendments to articles of association such as changing the company's legal status or headquarters, change of name,
- additional paid-in capital (cash or kind: capital contribution),
- the transfer of stocks or shares.

In the field of contract law, Isabelle advises companies on drawing up terms and conditions of sale and service contracts.

Isabelle studied Franco-German law in Germany (Sarrebruck), then in France (Strasbourg). She was awarded a corporate law diploma (Juriste Conseil en Entreprise - DJCE) in Strasbourg and the professional lawyer's certificate (Certificat d’Aptitude à la Profession d’Avocat - CAPA) in Paris. She practised in corporate law firms in Paris for five years. Isabelle was called to the Grasse Bar in 2011.

Isabelle speaks English and German fluently.

Isabelle is mediator certified with AMI (Alternative de Médiateurs Indépendants).




Aurélien works mainly on disputes in the field of business law (commercial law and corporate law) whether the source of the disagreement is contractual (debt collection, wrongful termination of contracts or any other breach of contract), or tortious in nature (unfair competition practices, trademark infringement or wrongful termination of negotiations etc.).

He also practises intellectual property law, advising and assisting those leading on innovative projects, inventors, creators of distinctive signs or intellectual works in developing a protection and enhancement strategy, so as to best protect their interests, but also to defend their intellectual property rights at the litigation stage.

Aurélien has a masters in intellectual property law and new technologies (Maîtrise en Droit de la Propriété Intellectuelle et des Nouvelles Technologies) from the Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis, and was called to the Grasse Bar in 2015.

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LimoNi. Avocats's working languages are French, English and German. They support company directors in anticipating and managing the legal problems faced by their companies in the following fields:

Corporate law

When setting up their company (SARL, SAS or SCI), LimoNi. Avocats helps the company founder to choose the best status and draft the articles of association based on the company's plans and the division of capital and powers between partners in particular.

Where necessary, we recommend the drawing up of a shareholders agreement and a partners' current account agreement.

During the existence of the company, LimoNi. Avocats assists with changes to the articles of association or in changing the status of the company from a SARL to a SAS for example, transferring the headquarters, name changes, but also in the event of departure or the arrival of new partners by overseeing the transfer of stocks or shares or an increase in capital.


Commercial leases

Prior to the letting of business premises, LimoNi. Avocats advises the lessor or lessee on the type of lease: commercial lease, short-term lease, precarious occupation agreement or professional lease. During the lease, LimoNi. Avocats advises on issues around lease breaches (unpaid rent and charges, error in calculating indexation, carrying out works etc.) as well as on cases of lease or business asset transfers and issues of sub-letting or management leases.

At the end of the lease we become involved in the event of a renewal (termination by lessor with offer to renew or renewal request by the lessee), termination such as negotiating early termination of the lease and the court-ordered rent for the renewed lease. We also handle cases brought before the local conciliation commission (Commission départementale de conciliation).

Isabelle Nègre is the co-author of a practical guide to the commercial lease (Guide pratique du bail commercial) published by the CCI of Nice in 2016 and 2017 and shares her expertise on commercial leases at the 'Face-à-Face du Commerce' organised by the CCI of Nice.

Sale of businesses and transfer of leaseholds

LimoNi. Avocats handles the sale of businesses and the transfer of leaseholds by studying the technical and legal documents related to the business and its premises as well as negotiating the conditions of sale.

When selling a business, attention must be paid to timescales (employees' right to information and the pre-emptive rights of local authorities) which apply prior to the transfer. Moreover, the vendor has to be aware that they will not receive the funds from the sale immediately due to delays imposed by the tax authorities.

Contract law

LimoNi. Avocats drafts the terms and conditions of sale for businesses selling their products and services.

It is important to distinguish between whether their contract is with businesses and/or consumers in order to adapt the clauses of the T&Cs to consumer law if it applies.

Business litigation

LimoNi. Avocats assists its clients in litigation with commercial partners (unpaid invoices, contractual breaches, sudden break of established business relationships), but also in disputes with their competitors (unfair competition practices), their cocontractors (representation and warranties following a company transfer) or with their partners.

LimoNi. Avocats handles cases before all civil, commercial and arbitration courts in France.

Construction litigation

LimoNi. Avocats supports its clients at the start of construction projects (preventive summary procedure) or as soon as problems arise so as to defend their interests (application of ten-year guarantee) particularly during court-ordered appraisals.

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